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So here I am with the book review of “In the name of God ” by Ravi Subramanian, in my blog , as I have been so touched, extremely happy and excited by this wonderful thriller,  which he has  written based on this wealthy temple from my home town Thiruvananthapuram..

First and foremost, heartfelt thanks to dear Ravi, for writing a story based on the city where I hail from! So that itself is the best-est part of the book for me, and the icing on the cake is “Padmanabha Swamy temple” and that’s literally my entire childhood. Padmatheertha Kulam, Uthsavam and Shiveli in the temple, and then Kowdiar, Kovalam…  Wow! That was very nostalgic , and thanks a ton for taking me back to those lovely memories!!!  Having said all this, for me, this book will always be a matter of pride and close to my heart, and with the virtue of this, Ravi becomes my most favourite author..

Talking about the plot… what a read! A captivating story based on the wealth found in the mysterious Padmanabha Swamy temple and antique smuggling in temples of Tamil Nadu. I don’t think any writer in India would have ever thought about such a topic…And the “Grisham of Banking”, Ravi has amazed us , by the brilliance with which he has created such an intriguing plot, by moving away from his comfort zone of the financial sector… The temple raids were constantly on the news in 2011/2012 and entire country was talking about it ,and then it was done and dusted. When the country all forgot about it, here is this author who brings back this hot topic with such a bang!!!

Right from the start with the Dubai heist, all the way to Thiruvananthapuram, Suthamalli, Sriperumbudur, Madurai , Mumbai ,Surat, Chennai ,Delhi , taking it to Singapore, Australia , and all this really happening in the backdrop of capital city of God’s own country, can you believe it?  The story travels through all these cities , and the way he connects the dots is mind blowing!!! The continuous flow of suspense and intrigue, and the narrative was really engrossing, that I read this 399 page fiction in about 16-17 hours max.  The most thrilling part was the way such a complex story has been so very descriptive and how the plot moves away from where it actually started…

Padmanabhaswamy temple is so familiar to me, my family and I must applaud the efforts taken to make sure that all the facts were as close to reality as one could possibly get. In my city we have heard so many stories of the vaults and mysterious murders that happens… When I was a very young girl, around 7 to 9 years old, my grandmother used to tell me bed time stories about how Adisheshan (king of snakes), was present in these Nilavara (vaults) and anyone who attempts to open these, will end up having a snake bite or any other unnatural death immediately or the subsequent day… And the curious me, who loves to hear stories and live in an imaginary world, somewhere down the lane, we used to believe these stories too! I really appreciate the way every description of this temple and the city of Thiruvananthapuram has been narrated, so perfectly and accurately!

I am perfectly in agreement to the statement of Ravi in the article in Hindu which is 100% true – “Reality has no obligation to look believable… that’s why all my thrillers are set in a real life situation” , but he has really made it look believable with his unique writing style … I really wonder, how many times did this amazing author go to all these places in Trivandrum, because he has given such a feeling of literally living in all those places for years together!!

Whenever Ravi’s books had this title of “God”, it was always a super hit, “If God was a Banker” (2007), “God is a Gamer” (2014), and now “In the name of God” (2017)… May God bless you!!

With such conflicting information available on Vault B and the status of the temple’s wealth, I support Ravi when he says, “There seems to be no valid reason why Vault B cannot be opened when it was opened seven times in the past”. It has to be opened and its contents properly catalogued to prevent theft and loss of assets.

‘Til date, I have read all of the books from this wonderful author, Ravi Subramanian and enjoyed each and every one so much, but this is one of the best and surely a strong recommendation for all suspense / thriller fans and especially all those who hail from Trivandrum – in the name of Padmanabha!!!

People who have not yet read this, what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy from the nearest book store or order it from Amazon

Title: In the name of God
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Publishers: Penguin Books
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 405
Price as of today: Paperback – Rs.149/- and Kindle Edition – Rs. 123.2/-
(I had purchased it about more than a month back at Rs.299/- from Crossword ,and waiting for the autograph from the author ,on the book!!)

In the name of God

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4 thoughts on “Padmanabha..Kaathu Kollane..”

  1. geetikaberry says:

    Wow! A wonderful review…. I’m so intrigued to read this book… Tobprepare inside the chamber of God… Where he’s in a deep slumber… Oblivious of what’s happening around…. A want to witness the dance of the venemous snakes… And how vigilantly they are guarding off the treasure and yet a smart thief… succeeds in stealing it!!

  2. Manisha osani says:

    Well done Lax….loved ur writing….keep it up girl👌👍⚘

  3. balaji u singh says:

    Hey Lakshmi, the way you written about the book now i cant wait more to read Mr.Ravi subramanian’s “in the name of God” novel. since me too from Thiruvananthapuram. Thanks !!

    1. Balaji..u should pick his book asap..i enjoyed the book so much as padmanabhaswamy temple is so much we thirontharam people can relate to.. Thanks so much once again for reading through the blog 👍

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