Stylish in your skin…

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with Fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever”     

– Ralph Lauren

I came across these words when I was trying to find some information for my fashion blogging. And that triggered me to start writing , as these two terms are so much used by most of the industries – the glamorous “Fashion” industry, the film industry , the entire apparel , footwear and jewellery industry , Hotel industry and you name it.

Well , I am reminded of one of my friends, an online retailer and stylist , who keeps telling me that she is fed up of this word ‘fashion’. She prefers to always address herself as a ‘stylist ‘. While I acknowledged at that time, without being sure why she said that, but was thinking what was the big deal in these terms?

As a blogger, of late I have also been using the hash tags #fashion #style, but what is it? This may be something that is not a new topic, and many people have written a lot about it in the past. But I think it’s time to revisit and understand these two terms, as they seem to be so much abused now.

So then I went back to Ralph Lauren’s words and started pondering…


Fashion is something that is fabricated and marketed. It is a trend that is pushed by the entire advertising and marketing guys (no offence to my advertising .marketing and fashion industry friends, as they are doing their jobs). Fashion definitely fades over time and new trends keep coming. While some maybe actually “Old wine in new bottle!”

Fashion is something that you buy. Most of the time, the dresses and trends shown in the fashion shows and ramp walks seem to be impractical and unattainable in normal human bodies!

And fashion goes beyond clothes, it is there in our ideas , it is there in the streets..

Fashion is something that is offered to you, may be four times a year…Oh yes, summer, autumn, spring and winter Collection, right? Added to it, in India you keep hearing the word “Festive collection”, especially during the Navratri and Diwali, when there is so much pressure to buy more! And from all these fashion trends, you tend to pick what is so much matching to your personality.


So Style is what you pick up out of the fashion!!

Style is something that is completely personal. It is forever and eternal. It is the identity of the person. It is the way a person dresses, it is the way a person is comfortable. It is a reflection of how the person is and how he/she wants the world to perceive about oneself, without any words spoken. You can never generate or buy a person’s style. It is completely something within and natural.

Style is something that each one of us has, All we need is to identify it !!

There is never a right or wrong, it is your attitude, your personality , your comfort and completely being yourself

It is in simple terms of knowing who you are and not giving a damn about others!

Now that I am able to differentiate these two terms , I  was wondering why I recently bought those Cold Shoulder tops from Amazon? The answer is simple; it was because I saw so many women and girls wearing them and posting selfies on social media. I wanted to be ‘trendy’ as well and bought it too… Well, that is completely fair enough, to be in trend and getting those small doses of kick and happiness, isn’t it?

Having said that, another incident in my life which I want to relate and share.

Many times as an excited mother, when I see today’s teenagers trying out of all those “fashionable” clothes and slippers in the market, I tell my teenage daughter that why doesn’t she try changing her “style” of dressing. She actually gets annoyed when I say that and tells me to let her be the way she wants to be and leave her with her style and comfort.

She is a person who loves wearing jeans and T-shirt (especially her favourite merchandise) and Crocs, and she sticks to that every time she steps out…

We did have our arguments over it back then, but later on, I realized and admitted that it was not fair of me to put this on her. So, I let her stick to her own style which I am totally proud of, and need not go by any fashion trends.

Fashion says “me too”,  Style says “me only”  – Geraldine Stutz

When talking about this topic, I came across this interesting read published by British Magazine GQ about the favourite American President Obama who comes across as a great example of someone who isn’t particularly fashionable, but is known for being stylish…

Please find the link for this interesting read:

So guys, I am not trying to decipher and tell you that fashion is good or bad and need not go by fashion or trends . Fashion is needed as that helps you choose your style. I myself am a person who strongly believes in fashion and go by the trends many times.

At the same time , I am also not trying to convey about any  kind of style you need to follow, as I am not a stylist and no one to comment about individual choices.

All that I’m trying to say is in the name of fashion; don’t spoil your personality or individuality. Don’t be pressurized to get into clothes, shoes or jewellery which you are never comfortable. Identify what your soul wants and go by your instincts.

You need not be a Fashionista, but you should definitely have your style and flaunt it confidently. It could be your own style of going completely desi/ Indian / traditional or go by the western wear, may be it be formals or casual.

Don’t be too perturbed if you are not trendy and wearing that apparel or shoes in the market that is new and cool.  But of course if you are comfortable and can carry yourself well, then just go for it!

Girls, it is fine to party in jeans and a tee shirt and not necessarily a mini skirt or party wear. At the same time, it is fine if you don’t wear a salwar suit or sari and always comfortable wearing shorts or minis.  And all the men out there, you guys need not be “cool” all the time with that perfect dude hairstyle, coolers and those slim fit jeans, “trendy” shirts and cool tees. Go slow on your formals too and do it your way , dude!

As a society,  let’s take not judge people by their style or how much fashionable they are. Let’s respect individuals for their personal choices!!



“I dress for myself, not to impress, but for comfort and for style” –  Lindsey Wixson(American model)

Photo story and Written by – Lakshmi Francis

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    1. Every word from a writer means a lot 😍😍thanks for reading through the blog…

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    I like your blog “Stylish in your Skin…”
    It’s sounds sense to me……. Waiting for more blogs from you Lakshmi …..Cheers 👍

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  2. Sreeram says:

    Wowww what a clean write up my sis!!!! Great difference between style and fashion. This is much importance in this era where everything moves as per the market. Good one keep it up and more and more to come from you!!! All the very best

  3. Manisha osani says:

    Well said Lax….totally believe in one’s own style!!!!

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