Luv You, Coffee

“A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don’t later fray.”  – Marcia Carrington (Author)

A day without a “Coffee” is like , I don’t think I can imagine…

So what is coffee for me? It has been my friend for donkey’s years , from the time I remember life…It has seen my happiness ,my tears, been with me when I am sad , been a companion for my studies ,  best buddy at work and for bonding with friends..

Though not too much of a coffee drinker ,of late because of all those weight loss feeds and forwards , but I still need bare minimum of one  or two coffee in a day…

Filter coffee ingrained in my DNA, I think this coffee love comes natural to me and  not very surprising ..Especially being a TamBrahm from South India and coming from a family of strong coffee lovers, what did you expect?

Yay, South Indians are famous for their aromatic perfect filter coffee. And drinking my mom’s decoction coffee for 18 years at home, as got the coffee taste ingrained to each of my cell. Further when I went to the wonderful Chennai city for my post graduation , it was like going to coffee’s paradise. A sip of the hot filter coffee in Hotel Sangeetha or  Saravana Bhavan always felt like paradise on earth, and the taste has just refused to go away from my taste buds!!!

For people who do not know what is this filter coffee that I am talking about,it is the most welcome beverage in Southern part of India. Either traditional coffee filter or coffee maker is used to prepare hot aromatic coffee. For a small nuclear family, traditional filter is used which consumes less coffee powder.

I always prefer to drink coffee made at home only! Those days every visitor at my parents place would never say no to coffee, as my mom always keep the decoction ready.

Over the years coffee changed its form from the filter coffee to coffee powder  (aromatic Sunrise) , for the ease of preparation and non availability of proper coffee powder ..But the love for Coffee has only increased multi-fold and guess it will die out only with me !!!

And life became all the more beautiful when I met another avid coffee drinker and settled my life with him.  So from Coffee, Coffee , it became Coffee, Coffee, Coffee …with all the love in the planet.. Lol !!

And now even the children have started enjoying coffee drinking , the same way we do, and I get this feeling seeing them that life is complete😀😅

When writing about coffee technically, we all know , it is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans , which are seeds of berries from the coffea plant and all that Blah ! Blah!  Aah, Coffee is just coffee…

 I saw this picture in the walls of a restaurant 1BHK that I visited recently, isn’t it cute ??


For me anything that is COFFEE, home made coffee, hot coffee or cold coffee, all the mochas , lattes and cappuccinos are the besties to hang out with!! Check some of my recent coffee moments!!!  Uff, What a coffee addict I am…

Hazelnut Latte

Cafe Latte


Proud Starbucks family!!

What does Coffee do to me ?

The best thing about getting up in the morning, is to  have my cup of bed coffee .The moment I feel the sip of good hot coffee in my mouth, the little rush that I feel is like, life coming back to me !!!

Coffee is indeed the perfect friend to bring in the perfect mood and perfect spirits..When things don’t seem to be happening at work , I stop working , go and grab my cup of coffee , which is always there to cheer me up…It is such an energizer and keeps me calm and cool!!

It is my every day dose of happiness, my dose of motivation . May it be work , friends or family, everything seems to happen over a cup of coffee…

From health perspective, I have been reading and  hearing mixed views about coffee being good,and at the same time having its own hazards  .But am I really bothered about it? No way !! And I am not going to give you any gyaan about it too..

Coffee is coffee to me and I don’t think I can ever put away that 1 cup of coffee in a day . Sometimes I just read the pros of coffee and  get excited & choose not to read the cons😀

Last week I saw many posts in social media about National Cappuccino Day . Seeing them, I was thinking I would post one too . But then I realized that for me , all the 365 days  is a coffee Day and I celebrate it every time I sip it in my mouth and started of this blog with a coffee .  Call it the magic of the coffee beans or the berry seeds!!

Life as a coffee lover is full of  fun , joy and happiness and wonderful moments always. So if you are a coffee lover yourself or know someone who is , make sure you never run out of coffee…

Enjoy your Coffee moments and listen to what your heart says!!

Luv You , Coffee ..My best buddy😀

Photo story and Written by – Lakshmi Francis

Coffee pictures :- Filter coffee @ Home, Caffa Baner, Origin Bistro – Baner Pashan link road  , Cafe Coffee Day – Baner  , Starbucks – Balewadi High street

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3 thoughts on “Luv You, Coffee”

  1. Shailaja V says:

    Aww you really love coffee! So cute!

    As a fellow Tam Brahm, I have to admit though that I don’t drink coffee. Tea is my poison and I love it.

    1. First of all thanks to you for stopping by and reading my blog…That means a lot…Yes an avid coffee lover I am.. But yes, tea is another addiction too!!

  2. geetikaberry says:

    I’m not a TamBrahm but a Berry… So I gotta love this blog…. It’s a berry nice blog… I could smell caffeine and feel the pounded coffee beans dribbling on my fingers… A-ha… So hot… So yummy… And really creamy… Yes we too make coffee at home but slightly infused with our Fauji Style… Yes Faujis have mastered the art of beating the coffee grains wiyh loads of sugar and just a few drops of water and bestvto with a big steel spoon in a crmbig ceramic mug.. An officer’s wife is expected to be well dressed in a crisp Saree with her pearl necklace intact and greet her hubby’s coursemates, fellowmen and juniors with hot cup of thick, creamy coffee and a warm smile!!
    Coffee has been an integral part of my upbringing too…. I enjoyed reading every word of your blog post and thanks for letting us know about all the nooks and corners of Baner and Balewadi Area that serves yummy and this bitter sweet beverage… My coffee and your Kapi!!

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