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“Life is great. Cheese makes it better. ”  Moreish makes it even more better…

Today I have a different “cheese” story to talk about. Cheese – Oh yes, that yellow dairy product that we positively obsess over.  We love it so.  My God, we long for it.

It is the melty stuff that dreams are made of. It’s why we break diets, grill bread, eat macaroni, all that stuff.  It’s so freaking happiness-inducing that it’s the word we’ve chosen to make people smile when photographing them. ‘Say Cheese…’

I have always loved cheese.  I mean, really, who doesn’t?  So creamy, so addictive,  so mysterious.  In fact I have a family of cheese lovers and we keep saying , “Uff, Cheese is so fattening!” But the moment we have the pasta or spaghetti with that yellow cheese completely filled on top of it, oh my, we just forget the world and get into our binge eating which is so comforting…

The love for cheese probably starts when you are a tiny toddler . Cheese is every food’s BFF, isn’t it? Seriously, you can pair it with anything. . It’s one of the few foods that taste better if you accidentally overcook it. It’s probably the easiest food to serve at a party. For the healthy bunch, cheese is dairy. Dairy is on the food pyramid. Lol!!


And here we have this sweet, soft-spoken lady Mita Lunkad from Pune, who has come out with Moreish Cheese which is completely home-made, healthy, no chemicals and no chemical processing done too…

“Oh yes”, she says with her beautiful smile, “The cheese that I make can be had by the children, the elders, diet-followers and even those folks with health issues like diabetes, cholesterol etc”. Yes, you read it right, even all those health freaks (including me!!) ,who are so much bothered about eating that spoon of cheese, can hog on Moreish cheese spread,  as they are made completely with natural products…

And all the parents out there, you can add the cheese spread in your pasta , chapathi or bread, to brighten up the smile when your kids open their lunch or snack boxes!



So precisely, that’s the story behind Moreish… Mita says that Moreish is something that is tasty and you always wanna have more. She believes in seeing  happy faces by the table, while experimenting and cooking in the kitchen.

Cheese is something that she believes will make kids of all ages happy , relish what they are eating and at the same time eat healthy too!!


This lovely cheese spread , when you put it in the mouth  ,though initially it seems very rich,  in no time it just melts away in the mouth and becomes so light. You don’t feel any heaviness of eating the cheese and the best part is they do not add those additional calories…

This is a brand which believes in 100% vegetarian products. The main products are Cheese Spread which are available in 7 to 8  flavours – Garlic, Mint , Various Herbs, Caramel Cheese, Chilli, Oregano , Parsley, Thyme..Ooh , mouth watering !

Another one of her best-sellers is the Peri Peri Masala, which also comes in different flavours like Garlic, Mint etc..


And if you want to experiment something in the kitchen, you can try out for your self with these videos  using the Moreish cheese sauce , in collaboration with The First Fork (Karishma Rajan)

Simple recipe for Indian Buritto:-


Quick and Easy Recipe of  Tomato Cheese Overflow:-

Yummy Tomato Cheese Overflow is ready to be eaten!!

Yummy Tomato Cheese Overflow is ready to be eaten!!


The cheese spread is available in jars of 200 ml at the rate of Rs.150/- , which I personally feel is totally worth every penny… Smoked cheese spread costs Rs.170/- for 200 ml. You can also buy cheese balls from Moreish. They are available in balls of 20 gm, which costs 1 Re per gm.

What’s for me?

I saw happiness and joy in my 10 year old son, after seeing him finishing even the last inch of bread and chapathi with this cheese spread packed in his lunch box!! And now he is behind me asking , “Mamma, can we buy more?”

Ha ha , so indeed it is Moreish , as the saying goes, “When everything fails, cheese will never leave you”.

To place your orders for Moreish Cheese sauce and other home-made products, kindly contact Mita Lunkad +919822074668.

Brand Collaboration – MOREISH – Mita Lunkad

Written and Photo Story by– Lakshmi Francis

Youtube Videos by – Mita Lunkad in Collaboration with The First Fork (Karishma Rajan)

Life is too short for fake butter, cheese or people unknown .

DIL MAANGE MORE with Moreish Cheese…!

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