Midtown Mazaa…

The best way to make new friends, according to Science , is through good food and money!!

And that was the most appropriate way to bond with a bunch of enthusiastic Pune food blogger friends and at the sametime get an opportunity to write about the amazing food that I had tasted last week Thursday…

Place was Midtown Bar & Lounge in Viman Nagar, one of the happening localities of Pune,  which is a perfect place to hang out!!!


Mid Town Bar & Lounge (Source : Facebook)

Mid Town Bar & Lounge (Source : Facebook)

To begin with , let me tell you that this dine out was a very exciting and interesting experience as this was the very first “bloggers meet ” that I attended through the  tasting invite . It felt very good to be part of this vibrant crew of food bloggers…

I was welcomed by this smart young man Saurabh with a very sweet smile, through whom I joined this bloggers meetup  . He gave me a brief of what this meetup and tasting is all about and made me totally comfortable and also put me onto the table of ten bloggers for the evening .

And there I meet these bunch  of food bloggers , who were there with the best of cameras and mobiles and completely engrossed in clicking all those classy food pictures for their Insta feeds and blogs.  Thought I was meeting all of them in person for the first time , some of them I was already familiar with  ,by seeing each other everyday through Insta pics and feeds , by our blog names . I also got to meet few new folks who were doing very interesting work.

It was really encouraging to watch them help each other being the “hand model” , “light model” and clicking the pics . So I got myself along with them to start the job as well.

There was a pre-ordered menu , which had a mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and some huge list of cocktails as well.  Being an eggetarian , I tasted most of the veggie dishes and the cocktails, of course whichever I could manage to grab among the 10 of us!!



  1. Shanghai Veg
  2. Cheesy Corn Balls
  3. Kothimbir Vadi
  4. Basil Chilli Paneer

Cocktails :-

  1. Anguri Ras
  2. Banarasi Paan
  3. Coconut Jar
  4. Peru Pyala Cocktail
  5. Pink Mojito
  6. Achari Pyaala
  7. Imli Jhatka


Jamaica Snowfall

Main Course:-

  1. Thai Veg Curry Rice
  2. Midtown Chef’s Special Pizza


Brownie Duet

Starters :- 

Shanghai Veg:- 

The very first item for the evening which I got to taste  was the Shanghai Veg. This was one of the best dishes of the evening , that had the vegetables nicely fried and cooked in the Chinese style and I thoroughly enjoyed it .

Cheesy Corn Balls:-

This cute item consisted of deep fried balls coated with breadcrumbs, fully stuffed with corn and cheese, and was another yummy dish , which all of us were laying our hands on  and in no time, the entire plate was finished .


Kothimbir Vadi:- 

Kothimbir Vadi, the authentic Maharashtrian starter  was another relishing dish of the evening. This was my personal favourite and loved having this dish in a pub!

Basil Chilly Paneer:-

Another starter that we had was the Basil Chilly Paneer, which was  Paneer toasted with cheese, bell pepper,  onion chilly and fresh basil. This tasted  more like a Chinese dish with little spice . However , the Paneer did not seem to be fresh and well done.


If you ask me, I would personally recommend Midtown for cocktails, as I was amazed by the variety of interesting desi cocktails they had .

The highlights were their presentation style  of these drinks , so artistic and creative! My personal favorite were the Banarasi Paan , which was so impressive in its look and feel and gave that perfect Paan wala kick to your senses!!

Full marks would also go for Anguri Ras for the amazing presentation and the perfect  blend of grapes and alcohol, which was another favorite for most of us !!!

Peru Pyala Cocktails , Coconut Jar , Pink Mojito, Achari Pyaala , all were very appealing in terms of its presentation , bringing out the flavours , taste , and bring the perfect mood to the evening…

Imli Jhatka was the only drink that was not all that Jhatka as it sounded,  and little disappointing, as it was tasting bitter and the ginger was not well blended…

Banarasi Paan!!!

Banarasi Paan!!!

Pretty and Stunning Anguri Ras!

Pretty and Stunning Anguri Ras!

Mocktails :-

Jamaican Snowfall : 

This was one of the most liked and sought for drink of the evening and the best mocktail filled with  cold coffee . And this went for multiple rounds of ordering ,as all  of us were drooling over it…

Main Course :

Thai Curry Veg Rice :

This was an excellent dish which had  a rice plate or pulav with thai curry as the topping, This was tasting so different and mouth watering to my taste buds.  Something that was never tried before – Pulav with a coconut milk based curry  as gravy and I would love to try this again .

Midtown Chef’s Special Pizza: 

There’s just something about pizza that makes it delicious, isn’t it? Midtown Chef had done this special pizza which was flowing with cheese and those exotic vegetables , and one of the best Pizzas that I would cherish !



Brownie Duet :  

Brownie Duet was the last beauty to come to our table and the presentation was simply mind blowing!! However the brownie was not as soft as I thought it should’ve been, and was taste wise not that appealing ,as it looked…



Such a beautiful ambience – bar counter with the amazing cocktails , by adding dry ice the beauty of the drinks gets enhanced in the alcohol mugs and jars!!!


Source : Facebook

Source : Facebook

Seating Arrangements: Indoor and Outdoor seating. Bar stools , Normal chairs and tables. It can accommodate more than 30 persons at a time.

Parking: Valet parking available. Parking structure available for both 2 and 4 wheeler vehicles.

Cost : Rs. 1400 for two/- approximately

Timings: 3 PM to 12 .30 AM daily

Staff  : Found them  very friendly and very engaging . They were on their toes trying to offer quite good service even when all of us were ordering multiple dishes parallely at the same time.

Ambience : It was really pretty with beautiful bar counters , big screens, good music, good lighting which  were not too  bright .(Thought I was felt it was too dim to read the menu !)

Nice Location , vibrant interior , good music , courteous staff , big screen to watch sports and not very pricey, makes Mid town totally worthy a visit .

Indeed , it was a very lovely meet up and most of us gelled quite well, in that 2 hrs . We were sharing with  each other , about our blogging experiences and enjoying each other’s company. We said our byes and see you soons, but wondering what, when , where it would actually happen. I am pretty sure ,it will be happen very soon in another  tasting table.

Thanks to these wonderful set of blogger friends who made this meetup so special and fun-filled…

Swapnil  Shinde, Maanas Shah , Samruddha Patil , Sameer Waskar , Lipika Biswas, Chetan Chauhan, Swapnil Suryawanshi ,  Swikriti Dandotia , Saurabh  Mukherkar , Siddharth Naik , Nikhil Narkhede ( Few missing in the pic as they were not available for the groupfie..)


I was invited for a complimentary food tasting at this lounge bar. This blog is completely based on my  personal views and experiences, which you may choose to accept or deny. I’ve got no affiliations with the lounge nor this is part of paid promotion. I have not copied or plagiarized it from any source either. This is based on my research and  information available on the internet and as shared by the client.

Photo story and Written by – Lakshmi Francis

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  2. Sreeram says:

    Wow what a write up. Clear and complete info about Midtown. The best part is at the last with the picture. Cool keep going

  3. I was a very nice get together with you.. and yes the food was also very delicious…

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