The Jasmine Bloom…

Thought to have been first discovered in India, The Jasmine symbolizes purity, represents desire for purity of spirit.

Its beauty and sweet scent have also inspired writers to name the jasmine “the poet’s flower.”

Are you all wondering whether I am going to write something about flowers in this post?

No, this is the most appropriate title that author Rajat Narula can give for his latest book – The Jasmine Bloom , which signifies the beauty and purity of the characters, Sameer and Ritu , who are lost in the story of love, lust, ruin and, resurrection.

The story revolves around a guy working in the financial sector, caught up in the Mid-Life Crisis, unhappy with the corporate career.

He drifts away from his family, looking for happiness outside with his shocking choices and plethora of secrets…  His wife, a part-time poet and a full-time mother, lives in her own world, more in the past than in the present, and does not connect with him anymore.

And there is his teenaged daughter who does not have any interest in talking to a father who is constantly working. His only solace is the younger daughter, whom he loves to bits.

I see this as a typical middle class family scenario in the current era. Well, cheating on his wife, I will call it a fragility of modern family life . This makes him get lost with new found happiness . He loses track of where he is, what is “real life” and what he really wants to do…

Common scenario in Corporate career

In today’s world, when you don’t get your promotions on-time and stay in the same position and company for a long time, your colleagues tend to not respect you.  Juniors will overtake you and move up the corporate ladder and always find smart ways to outshine you . And this has become an everyday story in the hypocritical corporate life.

That’s what mid life crisis many times lead you to… There is  this pressure and hunger for power and money in the corporate ladder, which constantly urges you to prove yourself.

In this case, it makes Sameer drifts away from his family, follow vices and ruin himself in a new found pleasure, especially when he finds another like-minded person with a catastrophic family life. I don’t think that is anyways justifiable…

My take on the book:

I felt the plot was quite simple, straightforward and the characters were relatable and commonly found in today’s social circle.

It was a book where I could feel many emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, revenge, peacefulness , all in one go…There were moments packed with that adrenaline rush, which compels you to read right until that last page.

It is a very captivating story which makes you think about the reality of life, may it be professional or personal. The sadness that the author brought when an important character dies and how the girls pull on with life without their mom, was really heartbreaking…

I like the way he conveys the message on the importance of talking to one another in relationships, so that you really don’t need to seek for happiness elsewhere. The book keeps you wishing for Sameer and Kavitha to have had their communication channels proper, so that they could open up and talk to each other!

One key highlight to mention was the chapter names being so  catchy and interesting with names of Bollywood movies . Few to say ,  ‘Life in a metro’, ‘Pyar ke Side Effects’ , ‘Zindagi na milenge doobara’ etc.

Give Life a Chance

As the saying goes , the time is the best healer for any kind of pain and distress ,isn’t it?

The author clearly shows this , in the way the family comes to terms with the reality in life and start finding happiness in each other’s presence.

The climax was something that amazed me, with its beautiful twist of events . I love the way he brings out the right, maintaining the subtlety, with no hints of melodrama. It was very impressive, the way Rajat pulled on the story to that wonderful ending .

He wants all the Sameers of the world to wake up, get a grip on life and seek happiness wherever they are …And indeed the Jasmine blooms!

Recommended if you want to taste something different than the usual romance!

As Rajat has mentioned in one of his blogs,  this adds more hope to the positive trend of increasing, amazing Indian best-selling authors!

Keep writing Rajat, and now I am definitely waiting for your next book…

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Title      : The Jasmine Bloom
Author : Rajat Narula
Publishers : Srishti Publishers Distributors
Genre : Fiction
Pages : 224
Price as of today: Paperback – Rs.106/- and Kindle Edition – Rs. 100.7/-


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  1. Sreeram says:

    There are no other words to describe about the book. Well narrated. I am sure that the sales of the book gonna increase after reading your blog. Truly speechless as very beautifully narrated. Great going!!!

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