Another December that has gone by

It feels wonderful to start this year 2018, with the first blog post about my most favorite season of year. Another December that has gone by.

Yes, December is my most favorite month, season and time of the year. How my heart starts beating fast on 1st of the month! Then I seriously close my eyes and pray, “Yaay, Another December has come, you better be good this year”. It’s not just today, I very vividly remember doing this right from the time, when I was a small kid.

What’s it about December?

December that has gone by



That explains my love for December in a nutshell…It is indeed a Friday of the months!!  The biggest excitement about December is the winter season itself, the chilly weather, the cold nights and mornings,

It is that time of the year to wear the warm clothes, the stylish jackets and the boots. This is why I am in awe of December the most…

I admire the Christmas season, The New Year’s Eve time, the  birth of a New Year. This leads to new hopes, new beginnings, new resolutions, new plans in life…

I am sure most of you are wondering why I am so enthusiastic about Christmas. Believe me, it has got nothing to do with the religious sentiments, and me being a non-Christian. Well this has been in me, ever since childhood. My parents will be able to say this better😊

As a child, I used to be so crazy about putting up Xmas trees, bugging my parents to put up a star at home.  The excitement over the years has only gone multi-fold, especially to think of those yummy and scrumptious plum cakes and wine.Even though Christmas was not celebrated, there used to be lot of Christmas cakes flowing in at home as gifts …

Another great thing about this time of year is that most schools give students a long winter break, which makes Christmas and New Year, a lot more relaxing.

December is  a perfect holiday season where every year , my family enjoys shopping all the amazing branded winter clothes for the year. All the malls and big branded shops have wonderful  Sale offers , put up during this month.

The Christmas Tree

Christmas begins when I start putting up the Christmas tree on the 1st Sunday of the December month. The tradition is to put up the Xmas tree at the beginning of Advent – the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Thanks to my marriage, I started doing this since then officially and diligently!

Now this could possibly be because of being a Convent educated girl. I have grown up seeing huge Christmas trees put up at school. December used to be the month of singing Xmas carols and probably the best thing I liked in school …

The green Xmas tree with the multi-colour lights at home gives such a peaceful feeling during these cold nights of December. The unique inverted tree, illuminated with colorful lights, adorning the shining star on its top like a crown brings in so much of joy and prosperity. This evergreen tree becomes a sign of undying life, and it reminds of the “tree of life”, an image of Christ, the supreme gift of God to humanity, as per the Vatican.

When I add the cute little Santa toys, candy sticks, apples, strawberries, shoes. gift boxes, tiny dolls  to the tree, they are just so adorable!!!  When I see the tree surrounded with those magical Santa gifts, the child in me jumps with joy and excitement.

The Christmas stars, the lovely red Santa caps, the wine, the cakes and Xmas gifts just adds the beauty to home and our minds!! The Christmas star essentially depicts the house where Lord Jesus is born!!


December that has gone by....

December that has gone by....


December that has gone by...



Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is not a time or a season…To me , there is nothing much spiritual or religious about it. Christmas is a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, is to have the real spirit of Christmas. It is the day to remind ourselves that we are born in this world for a purpose, than just being ourselves.

The best part of this season is that there are plenty of decorations on the streets and in shopping malls, too, including spectacular Christmas trees. The red-and-green feel all over the place brings so much of peace to one’s self. And even we had our fun going to all the malls, to see Xmas trees and decorations, overloaded with people. Wow, totally love the Christmasy feel, clicking pictures under the festive trees!!

Children love exchanging presents with their friends and receiving gifts from their parents. I remember how excited I used to be when playing “Christma” (Secret Santa) and getting surprise Xmas gifts.

And today the tradition continues with my children who are equally excited about putting up the Xmas tree, planning Xmas parties with their friends and all those beautiful gifts they get and also give!!!    Dashing through the snow, on a one-horse open sleigh, singing Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells , Santa Claus does come and gives all the children those lovely Christmas gifts, doesn’t he?

Our Christmas over the years…

Over the last so many years, Christmas has been the tradition of wearing new clothes, mandatorily attending Xmas mass. Santa has been regularly visiting and leaving those fantastic gifts under our beautiful tree. The joy of seeing the kids opening the gifts on Xmas morning, has been such a lovely moment to treasure!! Christmas plum cakes, wine and Christmas special feast, make the Xmas parties with family and friends a complete fun…

Another December that has gone by...


To add to all this fun and frolic, this year our family were at the beautiful state of Goa for Christmas… There is a special charm in the Christmas in Goa that sets it apart from celebrations anywhere else in India. Being predominated mainly by the Christians, Goa, during this time comes alive in a kaleidoscope of colors and revelry.

It was so interesting to watch the state fully decked up with  adorable Christmas trees , lovely stars and bright lights. We had our fun doing crib hopping in the every nook and corner of the roads!

New Year Eve and the birth of another year!!

To wrap up the December and the year, spending New Year eve with my family and close friends has been the ultimate happiness over the last so many years. When the countdown starts 10, 9, …,5,4,3,2, 1 , then you shout out “Happy New Year” to your loved ones with hugs and kisses!!! In my mind I wish every human being in this world to have a great New Year and a peaceful life ahead…

Another December went by and it is time to wind up the festive mood of the season and get back to business! However, my Xmas tree is still up and so beautiful in my living room, with those bright multi colored lights…


Another December that has gone by...


Today, 7th Jan ,the Christmas season officially comes to an end … It is time to take down the pretty decorations. I do not feel like dismantling the tree, remove the stars and the lights which are shining. I do not want this beautiful season to come to an end, I do not want the December ever to end!!

Let me take the brightness of this season and the shining stars to my heart, with all the hopes that they will shine up on my family, friends and all the people around, for this entire year…

Friends, I am here to stay with you all over this year, with my interesting posts. Wishing all my readers and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018!

Written  by – Lakshmi Francis  | Facebook – The September Queen   |   Instagram – The September Queen    |




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  1. Manisha osani says:

    Straight from the heart lax…..super 😍
    I witnessed Christmas in Goa this year and was totally agree with what u said…full energy….decorated houses….streets were full of cribs and xmas tree….thoroughly enjoyed!!!

    1. Lakshmi says:

      Thanks so much for the love and comments straight from the heart!!Yes christmas at Goa is mind blowing:-)

    2. Lakshmi says:

      Thanks a lot Manisha..Yes Christmas in Goa is such a lovely feeling:-)

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