About theseptemberqueen

Hello ! Welcome to my blog  –   I am Lakshmi Francis and this is  all about  my  world of Food, Fashion  & Lifestyle !!

I am a freelance writer , passionate blogger and a full-time mom to two lovely kids.  Started blogging since September 2017 , with the idea of sharing my experiences about Food and Fashion

What do I blog in “theseptemberqueen “?

I  am a Pune based blogger .  Food , Fashion & Lifestyle are the main areas of blogging. I  am here to share my experiences trying out new food and restaurants  across the city .I am also passionate about trying out new styling  experiences with clothes and accessories . You will see me   write about them and share the latest Fashion trends with styling tips.

I am also looking at  promoting brands and entrepreneurs . So in that sense a brand blogger too.  You will also see me blog about some lifestyle tips ,social causes !! I will also share reviews about books that I love to read!

Request you all to read, like and spread the word around about my blog!


If you are visiting my blog for the first time and you want to share something, please drop me a message or email and I will be prompt with the reply.

If you are looking at giving opportunities to passionate writers to showcase your products in the fashion world, I am here to do that !! Am also open for complimentary tasting invites and collaborations,. You can contact  me for the same by dropping an email , DM on Instagram or  ping on Facebook

If you would like to stay up to date with new posts about trending restaurants, food items, new fashion and accessories in the town, etc, follow me on my Instagram  @theseptemberqueen  , Facebook at The September Queen and in Twitter theseptmbrqueen …You can also find me in Zomato as I write reviews of restaurants and the food that I taste!

Thanks again for stopping by, and stay tuned with me for the latest  food, fashion and lifestyle , quick tips and tricks!





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